The Truth About BrickBreaker Cheats

Often I’ll see so-called BrickBreaker cheats posted on BlackBerry message boards. In other words, someone will post a cheat code or hack that’s supposed to help you advance through the game more easily, like there used to be on old Nintendo games.

I have bad news for you: there are no BrickBreaker cheats. If you see a BrickBreaker cheat code posted online, you can be sure it’s fake. I don’t know why people post fake cheat codes online, but my guess is they get a kick out of all the poor suckers who will try out the codes over and over without success. Often people will post follow-ups in the forum saying something like, “I tried this over and over on my BlackBerry but I couldn’t get it to work”. I can hear the original poster laughing quietly to himself.

I also have good news for you: you don’t need BrickBreaker cheat codes to get a six- or seven-figure high score. You just need a bit of patience and practice. Basically, if you can survive through all 34 levels twice, you’re pretty much guaranteed to get a big high score. Check out my BrickBreaker Game Strategy article to learn the specifics.