I Will Teach You How to Beat BrickBreaker!

Hi, my name is Pierre and I help people who love to play BrickBreaker dramatically improve their score so that they can feel the satisfaction of mastering this frustrating / brilliant game!

Are you having trouble making dramatic improvements in your high score? Have you checked out the BrickBreaker leaderboard and seen people with scores reaching millions of points, and wondered how they are doing it?

I was in the exact same position as you. I was able to get my score up to 10,000 and then 20,000, but I had absolutely no idea how some people were posting BrickBreaker high scores that were six and seven figures large.

Then one day, I broke through a barrier in the game. I discovered that once you get past a certain point in the game, it becomes much easier to play. Once you get over this hurdle, you can keep racking up your score as much as you want: five-figure scores, six-figure scores, and even seven-figures scores all become possible.

I decided to put together this Website to teach everyone who’s addicted to BrickBreaker the strategy that helps you break the barrier, as well as the most effective tactics you can use to post a high score quickly.

Ready to get started? The best place to begin is here: The Brick Breaker Game Strategy That Maximizes Your High Score.

Once you’ve got the strategy down, then check out my detailed walkthroughs of every BrickBreaker level.

Good luck!